Am I a frontrunner if I buy a Dodgers hat this weekend?

California Correspondent October 5, 2008 1

They say hindsight is 20-20. What a bitch that can be. Just ask Hank Steinbrenner.

Torre is in the post-season for his 13th consecutive year, making this the first time the Dodgers have made the post-season in 20 years. Whereas the Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

Granted a lot of things were at play here, like Manny going to LA and various injuries in New York — but it’s arguable that Torre would have managed the Yanks better than the inexperienced Girardi, and that Torre’s leadership and experience has helped LA navigate their dominating sweep of the fan-favorite Cubs and their trip to the NLCS.

The way the Dodgers pitched and hit vs the Cubs is getting me pumped for a Dodgers vs. Red Sox world series. With no New York teams in the post-season, are Yankees fans going to cheer on the Dodgers? Of course they will, especially if Torre goes head to head with the Red Sox. So does that make me a front-runner if I go buy a Dodgers hat this weekend, or can I say it was purchsed as a result of my distaste for all things Boston?

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  1. Gino Vaginelli October 5, 2008 at 3:37 pm -

    As a NYY fan, with the Yanks out of the running I want nothing more than to see Torre achieve success. I still think it was his time to leave NY…but I was not happy with the way his departure went down and nor was I happy with the way he was snubbed by the Yankees front office during the celebration of the last game at Yankee stadium. I only want the best for Joe as long as it doesn’t mean him beating the Yanks…So go Doyers!!!!

    Oh and as far as them facing the Red Sox in the series…if it were to happen, who wouldn’t want to see the show that Manny would put on in Fenway?

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