Burton Gives New Meaning to Riding the Slopes

California Correspondent October 4, 2008 1

With the snowboarding season just around the corner, Burton released a new limited edition line of boards called “Loveâ„¢,” which are plastered with Playboy pin-ups. Parents are outraged of course (or at least the ones that CNN happened to interview) — but I don’t get what they’re so upset about. If kids want to look at porn, they are going to use the internet, not get off to their snowboard. I think parents would be wise to pick their battles and hold their complaints until Burton puts out a line of 2girls1cup snowboards. Now that would be something…

Burton’s product description follows:

Hi. My name is LoveTM and I’m on the market for someone who’s looking to score serious action, no matter where they like to stick it. I enjoy laps through the park; long, hard grinds on my meaty Park Edges; followed by a good, hot waxing. Whether you’re hitting it from the front or the back, my mid wide shape, supple flex, and twin tips like it kinky. Keegan and Mikkel love riding me, I hope you will too.

Another variation of the LoveTM board after the jump…

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  1. Nick K October 5, 2008 at 6:22 pm -

    I have a 2003 Burton Classic, and I love riding it, it moves really well when I go down really fast, it turns whenever I want it to turn…..

    wait, we are talking about snowboards, right?

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