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California Correspondent October 1, 2008 1

If you’d like to write a guest post on SportsCracklePop while supporting kids in under-funded schools, please keep reading…. is an organization that provides resources for high-need public schools, and today they launched their 2008 Blogger Challenge where they’ve invited bloggers and their readers to compete by purchasing resources for these kids in need.

We’ve setup a SportsCracklePop community page on their site and we’ve selected teachers who are in need of sports equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and more) as well as classroom materials (like books for improving literacy). In reality, after school sports and physical education are two of the first things to get cut when a school is operating on a tight budget (along with music programs), and the problem is compounded by the fact that kids in poverty-level schools don’t have parents who can enroll them in sports programs or encourage physical fitness. You can visit our page and donate any amount of money, which will go directly to purchasing these things.

You might ask, so, what’s in this for you? Well…in addition to you feeling good about making a donation to a worthwhile cause, we will award the SportsCraklePop reader who makes the largest donation a free guest post on SportsCracklePop. Yes, you can link drop your buddies website and give a shout out to your mom — plus your donation might actually go to purchasing a baseball bat for the next Derek Jeter or a basketball for the next Lebron James.

We’re competing against a bunch of other bloggers in raising money for these kids — and we invite the other sports blogs to participate and try to beat us. Yes, WithLeather, Cuzoogle, YardBarker, DeadSpin, World of Isaac, Extra Mustard, SportsByBrooks, BallHype, TheBigLead, Duece of Davenport, and all you other sports blogs, please create a page on DonorsChoose and see if your readers can raise more money than ours!

The Blogger Challenge just started today and got a good write up in Fortune. We’ve embedded our widget below to show our progress. I started things off with a $100 donation to provide track & field equipment for a track team at a high poverty middle school in Lawrenceville, Georgia. We’ll post the widget in our sidebar to keep track of our progress.

NOTE: When you donate to a classroom project, Donor’s Choose actually purchases the items the classroom needs and sends it right to the teacher.  So those basketballs that you buy for the high school in the Bronx are bought by Donor’s Choose and go straight to the teachers. And all donations are tax-deductible. Please join us in this good cause!

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