Vegas rooting against the cinderella Rays

King Ing September 30, 2008 0

Naturally the feel good story of the baseball season has been the Tampa Bay Rays. And wouldn’t it be a story book ending if they finished the season winning the pennant and the World Series. Well, there are some sportsbooks in Vegas that hope that doesn’t happen. VegasWatch interviews Jay Rood, Race & Sports Book Director for all 12 of the MGM’s books and finds out some interesting facts.

“What did you guys have the Rays listed at to win the AL East, and World Series, back in March?
The Rays were 75-1 to win the AL and 150-1 to win the World Series.

What team winning the World Series would cost you the most? The least?
The team we’d get hurt by the most is again the Rays and the team we’d get hurt by the least will be the Angels.”

Now who wouldn’t love those odds. Go Red Sox!

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