It’s The End Of Season Sports Crackle Pop Baseball Spectacular!

Justin September 30, 2008 3

Six months down, one game to go. Yes, we know the regular season still has one game to go, but the staff at the Crackle is impatient, so we’ve decided to celebrate the end of another baseball year today.

We’ll do the same at the end of every major sports season, because we know you can’t emotionally move on to the playoffs unless you know what King Ing and the California Correspondent really think.  We’re here for you.

But before we start, let’s take a look back at some predictions I made at the All Star Break:

1. Ian Kinsler will win the AL MVP. That is wrong. We’ll deal with the actual winners a little further down in this post, but let’s look at something else I wrote in this segment.

Hamilton will drive in 130 runs which is amazing, but considering he’s at 95 right now, it’s not a great second half.

OH MY GOD! I am the smartest man ever. He had exactly 130 RBI’s this season. And it’s not impressive, because he had a mediocre second half.

2. Ryan Howard will win two thirds of the NL triple crown, while hitting below .240. He hit .251.

3. The Mets will win the NL East going away. Did that happen? That happened, right? I stopped paying attention two weeks ago, when they had a 3 game cushion. They certainly couldn’t have blown it two years in a row.

4. The Rays will finish in third place. Whoops.

5. Francisco Rodriguez will set the all-time single season saves record. I said it then and I’ll say it now. No one cares.

6. The Yankees may not make the playoffs, but their former manager will continue his postseason streak. Yes! I also predicted the Dodgers would get swept in the first round. I think they may actually go 4 with the Cubs, but it won’t be close.

Now, that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the first ever SportsCracklePop Awards. They’re just like the BBWA awards, except we actually watch the games and don’t have any of the candidate’s cell numbers.  Here they are.. with explanations when provided..

NL Cy Young:

California Correspondent:

1. Tim Lincecum – 18 wins (with the weak Giant’s offense). Plus 9 games with 10+ k’s, and multiple games with 13 k’s.

2.Brad Lidge – 41 saves and averaging 1 1/3 K’s per IP.

3. Johan Santana

King Ing:

1.Tim Lincecum

2.Johan Santana

3.Brandon Webb

Gino Vaginelli:

1.Tim Lincecum

2.CC Sabathia

3.Brad Lidge


1. Brad Lidge. In a league where bullpens cost teams good teams so much this season, Lidge went 41 for 41 closing out games for the Phils. He is the reason they won that division

2. CC Sabathia. Yes, he only spent half a season in Milwaukee. But he put that team on his back and carried them to the Wildcard. How could you watch that game Sunday and think otherwise?

3. Tim Lincecum. He toiled in last place, but may have been the best starter in the NL from start to finish this year.

AL Cy Young:

California Correspondent:

1. Roy Halladay

2. Cliff Lee

3. Francisco Rodriguez

King Ing

1. Cliff Lee

2. Roy Halladay

3. Dice-K (I don’t feel like looking up the actual spelling of his name)

Gino Vagininelli:

1. Cliff Lee

2. Roy Halladay

3. K-Rod (puke)


1. Cliff Lee- the only no doubt award of the season

2. Roy Halladay

3. Mike Mussina- he was also too smart for his own good, until this season. It seems like his talent has receded to the point where his overthinking actually helps. Now, he’ll retire. Awesome.


King Ing:

1. Albert Pujols – batted .357, 37 HR, 119 RBI’s, SLG % .653, OBP% .462 – great numbers for a guy who carried his team full of role players this year, even being part of the postseason picture for a while

2. Ryan Howard 48 HR’s and 146 RBI’s, but Pujols has him in Batting Average and SLG%. Just struck out too many times

3. Manny Ramirez because I like the guy and he led the Dodgers late surge to the playoffs

Gino Vaginelli:

1.Ryan Howard

2. Ryan Braun

3. David Wright


1. Manny Ramirez- The numbers don’t lie. His stats since joining the Dodgers are unbelieveable. And he’s been credited with loosening up the clubhouse and actually being something of a mentor to LA’s young players.

2. Ryan Braun- Happy Rosh Hashannah. Grand slam to win a must game last week. Two run shot to win the clincher on Sunday. The perfect topper to an amazing season. And, oh yeah, he did it all while playing left field for the first time in his life.

3. Ryan Howard- Too many strikeouts and too few hits.  I wouldn’t want to pitch to him though.


King Ing:

1. Dustin Pedroia

2. Justin Morneau

3. Joe Mauer

Gino Vaginelli:

1. Josh Hamilton

2. Justin Morneau

3. Dustin Pedroia


1. Kevin Youkilis- He just has ridiculous numbers. He played a flawless first base all season, and then Lowell got hurt.  So he moved to third for a few weeks, and played flawlessly there as well. It doesn’t mean I don’t hate him, though.  I do. Very much so.

2. Dustin Pedroia- I’m making myself sick here.  He just makes plays to win games. Manny leaves, and they stick him in the cleanup spot. No problem. Still, I would like to punch him in the nuts

3. Justin Morneau- He may be the American League’s answer to Albert Pujols. You don’t think about him until the season is over, and then you look at his stats. They’re invariably great and the Twins are always somehow near the top of the standings.

Now for the not so great… we’ll do one candidate each…

NL Cy Old (get it? it’s the opposite of old. It’s for the shittiest pitchers)

California Correspondent: Barry Zito – 8 consecutive losses to start, 11-17 record, and tied for the most losses by a pitcher in 08.

Gino Vaginelli: Barry Zito

Justin: Greg Maddux- He’s in the argument for best pitcher ever, though he sucked this year. And for two teams. That’s double the suck.

Al Cy Old

California Correspondent: Justin Verlander – 11-17 record.

Gino Vagininelli: Verlander

Justin: It’s a tie.  Erik Bedard wins for underperforming terribly and sinking the Mariners season on his own. Curt Schilling wins for never pitching a single inning, yet still collecting a massive salary and insulting Kobe Bryant, Manny Ramirez and all New York Sportsfans on his gay porn/ blog site. WHAT A DOUCHE!

NL LVP: (least valuable)

California Correspondent: Prince Fielder – 14 fewer homers than in 07, and a lower batting avg as well.

King Ing: Andruw Jones

Gino Vaginelli: Andruw Jones

Justin: Andruw Jones:  I kind of want to blame Ned Colletti for signing him, more for Jones continuing his downward career spiral in a new expensive uniform.


Gino Vaginelli- Travis Hafner

Justin– Alex Rodriguez: He makes me nuts! He hit .300 with 36 homers and 100+ RBI and still, he sucks. He will go down in history as the worst “best player ever” ever. How many of those RBI came in the 9th inning? About 10. How many double plays did he hit into with the team down 1 and men of first and third with none or one out? About a million. I’ve simply had enough of him.

So, there you have it. I’m sure you have thoughts of your own. Feel free to share them in the comments section.


  1. safe at first September 30, 2008 at 8:39 pm -

    Bedard for Cy Old? He did not perform to his standards (because of injury) but he was not terrible. He was slightly above average which is A LOT more than you can say about two of his teammates and better candidates for the award: Miguel Batista and Carlos Silva.

    But you and I agree that no one should care about what Francisco Rodriguez does.

  2. California Correspondent October 1, 2008 at 1:01 pm -

    I’m surprised that Gino didn’t pick Wandy Rodriguez as Cy Young based on how he played Wandy in our fantasy league.

  3. Gino Vaginellli October 1, 2008 at 1:03 pm -


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