Megayachting: More Civilized and Fashionable Than Just Plain Old Yachting

California Correspondent September 26, 2008 0

Tomorrow afternoon, Tom Perkins, the famed venture capitalist whose firm is responsible for funding the likes of, America Online, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Genentech, Google, Intuit, Lotus, Macromedia, Netscape, Segway, and Sun Microsystems, plans to sail his megayacht, The Maltese Falcon, into San Francisco Bay for the first time. Why is this significant? Well, Perkins kept his megayacht out of US Waters for the first couple of years to avoid those pesky US luxury taxes — and now after getting a good tan in the Mediteranean he’s ready to show you that his is bigger than yours. About 289 feet bigger in fact. Show up at the Golden Gate Bridge at 2pm Saturday if you’d like to have your ego crushed this weekend.

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