Cristiano Ronaldo still loves his hookers

King Ing September 24, 2008 0

The European footballer of the year continues to have an affinity for picking girls that are prostitutes. News of the World (def NSFW) tells us that Cristiano Ronaldo has been unknowingly dating a £2,000-night-drug dealing hooker. This won’t end well for Fernanda. The reporter set up a meeting with the working girl where:

* OFFERED full sex for £460.
* STRIPPED naked and teasingly gyrated
* SOLD us two grammes of A-Class drug COCAINE.
* PROMISED a three-in-a-bed romp with a Czech hooker.
* PERFORMED a raunchy lesbian show with her.

They then arranged a second meeting?!?! Really, you needed more proof! Or maybe he just wanted to see this.

Bouncy Czech Anna turned up first, in a sexy black satin dress that showed off her curves.

She tottered into the £300-a-night room on her £2,500 Manolo Blahnik designer shoes, clutching a new Christian Dior handbag.

Fernanda followed a few minutes later in a tight purple number. She was quick to get down to business and demanded the money for sex and drugs immediately.

“It’s £460,” she said. And pointing to the cocaine, bizarrely wrapped in plastic bags emblazoned with a cannabis leaf logo, she added: “And for this, £120. It’s very good quality.” As our man handed her the money Fernanda carefully counted the crisp £20 notes before folding them and placing them in her designer bag.

With the cash safely stashed she drank a glass of Pommery Champagne and then a bottle of East European beer, before disappearing into the bathroom with Anna.

They emerged wearing slinky silk lingerie. Again, our man insisted he was too tired to participate. But the girls were having none of it. Fernanda tried to arouse him by swaying provocatively just inches from his face then dropping her bra to reveal her 34DD bust.

OK, I guess he really needed to find out what the deal was. Good for him, that type of reporting should win him some kind of journalism award!

Ronaldo might want to rethink his relationship with Fernanda. Especially if they want to win the triple this year!

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