The Quiet Resurrection of Barry Zito ?

California Correspondent September 20, 2008 0

Everyone was quick to jump all over Barry Zito at the start of the season, as he lost 8 games before finally getting a win. And yes, it’s true that this is the worst season of his 9-year career (10-16), and he’s currently tied for the major league lead in losses. But with about a week left in the season, it turns out that Zito is ending on a slightly stronger note.

Last night Zito took a shutout into the 8th inning and got the win over the Dodgers. The Giants have won the last 7 out of 8 games with Zito starting, and over those 8 games Zito has a 4-1 record while averaging 6 1/3 inning pitched, 5 1/2 hits, and 3.1 runs per game — with a 4.03 ERA. Sure, these numbers aren’t worthy of $16M a year, but it looks like Barry’s finally pulling himself together after his worst season yet.

To reward Zito’s effort to channel his former self and to save face, we’ll resurrect and update the SportsCracklePop-O-Meter for him:

Barry Zito Getting his groove back

Congrats Barry, you’re out of the red zone.

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