Page Six blows up Jeter, Serena, Carmelo, and Stacy

King Ing September 17, 2008 0

I love the notorious gossip column Page Six for their scandalous reports on the derelict activity of the rich and famous. Today’s edition is extra special as they focus on three athlete stories. The first being none other than the New York Yankee playboy himself Derek Jeter with a mystery brunette.

“The Yankee captain was flying solo yesterday at a Four Seasons luncheon thrown by a watch company, when, “about 10 minutes before it ended, this ravishing, dark-haired beauty comes in wearing jeans and a tank top and waits for him,” a spy tells us. “He went over and took her Hermes Birkin bag, began caressing her face, and the maitre’d ushered them out the back.”

Good for Jeter. Now onto a the second pairing, but my guess is that they are merely friends as they both have significant others.

“Serena Williams and Carmelo Anthony at Nobu 57 near the table of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Usher.”

Serena dates one of my favorite hip hop artists Common, while Melo loves the lovely Lala Vasquez. They were probably just talking about their gold medal experiences in Beijing.

Now this last pairing perplexes me to no end. I think “Entourage” is a great show, but am annoyed by that character E. Maybe that is why I hate Kevin Connolly so much. And now Page Six gives me even more reason to hate the midget.

“Nicky saw Kevin and did a 180, skipping all the TV camera crews that had been waiting patiently to speak to her,” spies said. Connolly shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. It was a good weekend for Connolly – the night before, he hooked up with pro wrestler Stacy Keibler.”

And no, it has nothing to do with Nicky Hilton, but more to do with the blonde beauty pictured.

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