Jose Reyes has a Bust it Baby

King Ing September 17, 2008 0

While the New York Mets are in an intense playoff race, TheDirty reveals that a couple of the players might have other things on their minds. Especially one Jose Reyes. The married All-Star’s “supposed” chick on the side sent the photos in herself with commentary.

Don’t know why, but that is the fastest way to end such a relationship with an athlete. Smart thinking honey! Seriously, if this is your “meal ticket” why in the world would you want to jeopardize it by exposing it to the world. Unless you are some fame whore.

You want your two minutes of fame, here it is. Now I can’t wait for Reyes to tell you to get the truck out.

And yet again Nik Ritchie does it!

more pics after the jump…

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