UFC Fight Night 15 Preview and Predictions

The Pirate D Rats September 16, 2008 0

Nate Diaz Vs Josh Neer

Say what you will about fighters on Reality TV, but watch your mouth when it comes to the Diaz brothers.  Simply said they are Bad Ass and they love to war.  Josh Neer lost to big brother Nick a few years back and his fate looks to be the same against little brother Nate.  Hey Josh, maybe they have a little sister.  The replay will be longer than the actual fight.

Prediction: Diaz submission 1st round

Clay Guida Vs Mac Danzig

My pick for fight of the night and it will be one to remember.  Two extremely tough guys with unquestionable heart, this one is to close to call.  Strap them on, chose a side.  Duty bound, the factors I weigh are this.   Old school fight adages, To be the best you have to train with the best, and long hair loses fights.  Danzig trains at xtreme couture, which is a stockpiled warehouse of talented fighters.  Oh yeah did I forget to mention this is “Captain America” “The natural” UFC Hall of famer Randy Couture’s camp.  Need I say more?  No, but I can’t help myself.  So let me remind you of  his wins against Chuck Liddel and Tim Silva, which were perfectly executed fight strategies, Genius.  If your average fight is a monkey being shot out of a cannon these guys in Xtreme Couture are Astronauts.  So believe me when I say this, Danzig is gonna  know how to beat Guida.  The question is if he can impose his game plan with the same mastery as his Mentor…….Somebody tell Clay “the carpentier” to cut his hair.  Why do all professional wrestlers have long hair, because its fake, and long hair adds to the show.   Small shots to the head look exaggerated by hair flying, and judges judge.  Close fights are scored by minuet factors and this should be a close one with a minuet disadvantage for Mophead Guida.

Prediction:  Danzig wins by decision

Ed Herman Vs Alan Belcher

This fight is the equivalent of 6th man, fighting for a starting position.  Win now or forever be a journey man, club fighter.  Ed Herman just bores me, and with a name like Alan Belcher I’m already yawning.  Gear up for your burping contest reciting the alphabet because that will be more entertaining than this fight.

Predicton: Herman Wins by decision

Houston Alexander Vs Alex Schafer

T.U.F. Alumni are hard not root for.  I really don’t want to keep picking them, but Schafer sucks and Alexander is a scary man with heavy hands.

Prediction: Alexander wins 1st round K.O.

Alessio Sakara Vs Joe Vedepo

What can I tell you about Joe Vedepo?  Absolutely nothing, the UFC website doesn’t even have a picture of this guys face, but store this dude’s name in your memory banks.  He must be a decent prospect because of who he drew to fight.  Putting it lightly Sakara is a shill.  Didn’t think MMA was fixed, well did you see Kimbo’s last fight, tell me something funny wasn’t going on.  Ok, maybe the judges or the Match makers, but a fighter taking a dive?  Let me introduce Alessio Belly Flop Sakara, his dives make Soccer Players believable.  Alessio is straight out of central casting for Inmate #3465.  The cell mate from hell, in your prison nightmares, that haunt you so bad in your waking life that you drive the speed limit for a week every time you have that dream.

Prediction: Vedepo Wins, via phantom punch

Wilson Gouveia Vs Ryan Jensen

Gouveia is notorious for being a fast starter and petering out in later rounds.  I don’t expect this to be a factor in this fight because he’ll end it early.

Prediction: Gouveia wins 1st round K.O.

Joe Lauzon Vs Kyle Brady

J Lo? Who gives themselves a nickname?  Creepy Joe is his name, the weird kid who ate glue in kindergarten, but for some reason never got picked on.  Lauzon is the Man or should I say the kid for now, but one day when he grows hair on his chest he just might be Champ of 155.  Sure Brady is a young, up and comer too, but Creepy Joe has poise and its proven.  Quiet, Big heart, scrappy, tough and heavy handed.

Prediction: Lauzon wins by KO in 1 st

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