The Chargers and gamblers everwhere were screwed twice!

King Ing September 15, 2008 1

Ed Hoculi, probably the best referee in the NFL mistakenly blew the call on what was a Jay Cutler fumble. This allowed the Denver Broncos a chance to score what would eventually become the game winning touchdown. Granted the Chargers had the chance to make the stop, but if the call was made right they wouldn’t have had to.

Now onto the bigger point. Gamblers everywhere who took San Diego earlier in the week leading up to Sunday were crushed when Mike Shanahan decided to go for the two point conversion. Why? Because the Chargers were 1 point favorites throughout the week (The line moved to Broncos favorite by 1 at kickoff). Kicking the extra point would have given both sides a chance to win. Thanks Dick! Instead you made Denver backers push and fans of Norv Turner cry again. FYI, I was on the Chargers and it cost me a perfect 7-0 day.

-Video rip courtesy of Awful Announcing

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  1. JJ September 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm -

    Mike Shanahan screws everyone over! I think it’s his goal to play with everyone’s emotions.

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