David Beckham is the favorite to buy the first Aston Martin

King Ing September 10, 2008 4

Aston Martin has unveiled the first £1million car and bookmakers have released odds for the first celebrity to proudly own one. The man who has everything, David Beckham is the favorite at 9-4. In my opinion he should be. He loves his cars and who else would you want driving your hottest ride than an icon like Becks.

“Only 77 new Aston Martins are being made, which means they will go like hot cakes.”

Which celeb will be first to buy the £1m Aston Martin (Hills): 9-4 Beckham, 3-1 Jay Kay, 7-2 Roman Abramovich, 5-1 Cristiano Ronaldo, 12-1 Alan Sugar, 14-1 Daniel Craig, 16-1 Jeremy Clarkson.

How is Jamiroquai ahead of billionaire Roman Abramovich and soccer stud Critiano Ronaldo. And wouldn’t it be fitting if James Bond got the car first? There must be a mistake, I don’t see my name on the list.


  1. James September 10, 2008 at 8:58 pm -

    Damn, imagine the type of road head you get in that car!

  2. Gino Vaginellli September 11, 2008 at 9:23 pm -

    Why isn’t Jay Leno on that list?

    As far as road head I have a funny feeling there’s little room to maneuver in such a vehicle.

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