Doug Glanville is Kind of A Geek

Justin September 9, 2008 0

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy these op-ed pieces Doug Glanville has been writing for the New York Times. He’s a former jock with an Ivy League education, so his observations are a little deeper than we’re used to.

His latest entry, though, may have revealed a bit too much.


The measure for whether I’d arrived was based on a childhood barometer. Basically, it meant that I had to have enough major league service to be included in a Strat-O-Matic baseball set (a dice-rolling card game that I played religiously); to see my name written in script on the side of a Rawlings baseball glove; and to gain sufficient influence to meet my favorite band, Hall and Oates.

Hall and Oates? Really? Doug Glanville psyched himself up for a big game by jamming out to the blue-eyed soul of “Sara Smile” and “Man Eater.” Sometimes it pays to bend the truth, Dougie. This is one of those times.

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