UFC 88 Preview and Predictions

The Pirate D Rats September 5, 2008 0

Chuck Liddell Vs Rashad Evans

Let’s play word association, Liddell versus Evans, “Piñata” Liddell versus Evans “U.S. Olympic basketball.”

Iceman wants his belt back and a definitive victory over Evans is the shortest route. Evans chin is untested, his cardio sucks and he just doesn’t have the stuff. His slow hanging Jab is tailor made for a counter puncher like Liddell. Evans slips punches like a bobble head, and Chuck is going to use it like a beach ball. But don’t expect him to play with it to long his ability to throw punches at weird angles will pop it, like the security in a ball park. Rashad will come out using lots of leg kicks early, only to abandon his feet after gassing.

Liddell will spend the 1st round feeling Evans out, wearing him down and pushing him around the ring. Don’t get up to take a piss before the 2nd although you might just catch it on Sportscenter. Iceman KO left hook or a whipping right handed haymaker early to middle of the round, fight stops before Evans hits the ground

Prediction: Liddell with a 2nd round KO

Rich Franklin Vs Matt Hamil

Hamil doesn’t like to get punched and if Franklin can keep it standing, its ending early. Hamil will use his wrestling to take Franklin down, where he will try to pound him out. Franklin’s submissions are to good for Hamil and probably will be where the fight ends. Watch for some sort of arm lock. Kimura from the bottom maybe, but I’m really hoping Hamil gets his face punched in.

Prediction : Franklin 1st round KO

Karo Parisyan vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida

I don’t know much about Yoshida, except like Parisyan he is a judo foreign dude. Which means the fight goes one of two ways. Huge dynamic takedowns like old school WWF or lots of standing in the clinch like gay porn. Parisyan is tough and in need of a win, but his heart is questionable and I straight out don’t like the guy, but don’t print that part. So I’m hoping Yoshida, Kamikazes his ass

Prediction : Yoshida wins by decision

Dan Henderson Vs Rousimar Palhares

Henderson is a crafty veteran and tough as nails. I loved to see a rematch with Silva but the climb starts with Palhares. It will be the best fight of the night if you’re a Henderson fan.

Prediction: Henderson 3rd round KO

Martin Kampmann VS Nate Marquardt

Supposed to be a great fight? Bullshit! Just a whole lot of blah blah blah blah to get people to actually watch it. Marquardt is still a solid contender in this division and he will prove it, by beating the crap out of Kampmann

Prediction: Marquardt wins by submission 1st round

Thiago Tavares Vs Kurt Pellegrino

Hope we get to see this one. I think it will be interesting. Root for early stoppages in the other fights so pay per-view will show it. This fight has the potential of being a blood bath.

Prediction : Taveres wins, How? Who cares as long as they bleed?

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