Michael Phelps at the Playboy Club going after a different kind of gold

King Ing September 5, 2008 1

It must be nice to win eight gold medals. It probably is even nicer to have carte blanche with the lovely ladies of the Vegas strip. Damn you Michael Phelps! Radar had a spy in the Playboy Club and according to Neel Shah, Phelps was:

“massively skeeving on girls at the Playboy Club” in that city’s Palms Casino. Neel notes that the Olympian was accompanied by an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks, one of whose sole duties appeared to be pointing a flashlight at anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer during his efforts to obtain a gold medal in ass-grabbing. (“It was unreal,” says Neel. “Within moments of entering the club he summoned two girls over… I’ve never seen such an aggressive grip.”)

I need a group of guys walking with me shining flashlights in people’s face. How annoying must that be?

And Kung Fu grippin. Mama Phelps wouldn’t like that!

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  1. The pirate D rATs September 5, 2008 at 2:54 pm -

    This Kid is in Denial. He is a closet case.

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