Don’t Worry, Usher is Safe

Justin September 4, 2008 0

I work a few blocks from Columbus Circle, where this afternoon’s NFL Kickoff Concert is being held.

Security is tight.  Actually. let me rephrase that. SECURITY IS TIGHT. I saw more cops on my way into the office today than I’ve ever seen before.

They have a major chunk of broadway shut down, and well as a substantial stretch of Central Park South.  If you’re not familiar with New York City, that’s smack dab in the center of Midtown Manhattan.

I understand what the NFL is trying to do; turning opening night into a massive event. But what about all those Giants fans who work in Midtown and will be trying to rush home tonight in time for a 7pm kickoff. Instead of making it in time, they’ll be stuck in a snarl of midtown traffic, struggling to get to the George Washington Bridge.  Thank god Bob Papa is a great radio play by play guy, because that’s the only way thousands of Big Blue supporters will have any idea what’s going on during the first half.

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