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Justin August 30, 2008 0

Here are some more things I like. Check them out. We’ve done it before. It’s an idea stolen with love from McSweeney’s.

The US Open:

It’s a great time for sports fans. Pennant races are heating up, the NFL season is kicking off, and the most exciting tournament in tennis is being played in Queens.  Wimbledon has the history, but there is nothing better than a tense late night five setter at Arthur Ashe Stadium.  From James Blake to Andre Agassi to Jimmy Connors,  The US Open consistently brings out the best in great players. And you don’t have to wake up at 8 in the morning to see it.

Jamal Crawford:

Trust me. This is not the hopeful rambling of a clueless Knicks fan. Crawford will thrive under Mike D’Antoni. He was the only Knick who improved under Larry Brown, and has been their only consistent player for the last two years.  I’m predicting 22 points a game, and an All Star appearance.

Falling asleep on the couch:

I’m not talking about nodding off while you watch TV. I’m talking about falling into a deep REM sleep. That’s how you know you put in a good day of work, when you’re so tired you can’t make it to the bedroom.  Plus, there’s that moment when you wake up, and you don’t know where you are or what day it is. The TV is on, and you have to decide whether to fall back to sleep there, or get up and go to your room. That’s a great feeling.

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