Earning Their (Prison) Stripes (Do Jaguars Have Stripes?)

Justin August 30, 2008 0

The Jacksonville Jaguars may not unseat the Colts in the AFC South this season, but they’re well on their way to toppling another NFL dynasty.  They could set the record for most arrests in one season, previously held (I’m sure) by the Cincinnatti Bengals.

Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith were both arrested over the weekend, within five hours of each other. That’s the franchise’s all time leaders in both rushing and recieving.  Earlier this summer, Matt Jones was arrested on drug charges. And Dennis Northcutt is being sued by a pregnant lady (obviously he is the one who impregnated her) who claims he hired his cousin to beat her up.

So, the Colts may be safe, but the Bengals (and the Florida Penal League) better look out.

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