Yankees Avoid Sweep, But Elimination Still Imminent

California Correspondent August 29, 2008 1

The Yankees pulled off a 3-2 win over the Red Sox today with a 7th inning homer by Giambi. The Yankees avoided a sweep in the Bronx in the final game that the Yankees and Red Sox would play together in the house that Ruth built.

Unfortunately this win comes a little too late for the Yankees, as they stand 6 games behind Boson for second in the AL East — with only 29 games remaining. For the Yanks to have the slightest chance of making a post-season appearance, the Red Sox will need to have a completely disasterous run like the ’07 Mets, when the Mets lost 12 of their last 17 games and lost a 7 Game Lead in 17 Days. That’s beginning to seem about as likely as Arod getting a clutch hit.

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