Stephon Marbury buys himself a private jet

King Ing August 27, 2008 2

With gas prices still at an outrageous level, one wonders why Stephon Marbury would go and plunk down millions for a private jet. Page Six reports:

“Marbury – in the last year of his Knicks contract, which will pay him another $21 million – is said to have plunked down about $45 million for the aircraft.”

You have to know you aren’t making a wise decision when Diddy says he is grounding his private jet due to the costs. I don’t know what Starbury’s finances are and I hope they are in good shape because from what I hear maintenance on a private jet is upwards of a million per year. Are you really flying that much you need one? How about just getting a Marquis Jet Card?

Anyways Stephon, I am rooting for you.  I just hope you don’t have the same financial issues in the future like my main man Latrell Sprewell.


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