Is Michael Phelps the real age test for He Kexin?

California Correspondent August 22, 2008 1

With the Olympics winding down, there is a lot of chatter about athletes getting it on — almost making the age of He Kexin, the Chinese gymnast who took gold, and who Michael Phelps is or isn’t getting in on with — seem like yesterdays news. Taking a step back here, there is a creepy connection amongst these stories that happens to shed light on the real way to ensure He Kexin is at least 16.

According to reputable sources the legal age of consent for sexual activity in China is 16 years old. So if Michael Phelps is really out to “major in pu55y“, the US olypmics team should get him to hook up with Kexin and see if he gets arrested. If Phelps goes to jail, then we’ll know the truth.

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