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Justin August 21, 2008 0

Back with more things that will hopefully bring a little light to your otherwise sad existence.  We’ve done this before, after stealing the idea from Mcsweeney’s.

Matthias Steiner:

The German weightlifter won Gold in Beijing, by lifting about 560 pounds in the clean and jerk. (Yes, I know it sounds dirty. Grow up.) It’s not the fact that he won, though. It’s his reaction and his back story.  After completing his winning lift, Steiner collapsed in joy before getting up and hugging his coach ecstatically. That type of raw emotion is what the Olympics are supposed to be about.  During the medal ceremony, while the German anthem was playing, Steiner held up a picture of his wife. Turns out, she died about a year ago, in a car crash.  Steiner represents triumph over tragedy. Good stuff

Putting a Roof on Winter

Great book about the history of hockey in Canada.  It traces the sport all the way back to a time with unlimited players on both sides, and no goals.  I know its the middle of August, but why not get ready for the upcoming NHL season by learning a little bit.


The Tom Petty album, not the plants (though they are nice as well).  I’m about 15 years late on this one. I remember Wildflowers coming out when I was in high school because there was some controversy over one of the videos being played on MTV. I listened to the whole thing for the first time a few months ago. It’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. A perfect mix of upbeat rockers and contemplative slow numbers. Rick Rubin really is an amazing producer. Everything he touches comes out great. Check out the songs Wildflowers and Time To Move On. Amazing

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