Alex Rodriguez dates women all across the east coast

King Ing August 19, 2008 0

Alex Rodriguez is really enjoying the single life. Page Six reports that the new bachelor was out with a beautiful blond in Miami last Wednesday.

“A-Rod stepped out with a mystery blonde last Wednesday night, starting with a cozy dinner at Dan Marino’s in South Beach…As they got up to leave around 1 a.m., the duo seemed surprised to be greeted by a photographer’s flash…Once spotted, the gallant A-Rod ran across the street, “trying to make out like he wasn’t with her,” said the source. Realizing that witnesses weren’t buying the ploy, Rodriguez said, “This is nothing. She’s an old friend of mine. Leave us alone.”

He seemed a little shy, but the story wasn’t the same on Sunday.

“Back in New York on Sunday night, Rodriguez hit the roof of Soho House with a tall Asian beauty with “good hair,” sources report. And this time, instead of trying to pretend he wasn’t with a woman.”

No one can say he isn’t taking advantage of his days off.

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