Jason Kidd and May Anderson have broken up

King Ing August 13, 2008 1

I knew Jason Kidd was dating a model, but didn’t know that she looked like this. May Anderson is all types of hot. Unfortunately according to Page Six the Dallas Mavericks guard and the blonde bombshell have split up.

“Jason couldn’t take her hard partying,” said one source. “While he was training for the Olympics, she told him she was staying in, but then he would read in Page Six that she was out with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan.” Our insider added, “It was too distracting, and he decided it better to focus on training and bringing home the gold for the US.”

That’s right Kidd. Focus on the prize. Whatever you do, don’t lose to Greece tommorow. I can’t listen to my Greek friends brag about how awesome they are at soccer and basketball. Oh wait, they stink at soccer.

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