Who’s The Biggest Douche in Sports?

Justin August 11, 2008 0

 Our search for the biggest douchebag in sports rolls on. First, review our first 9 nominees.

Candidate 10: Ted Nolan

You’ve got to take a bit of a leap with me on this one. By all accounts, Nolan is an excellent coach who gets the most out of his teams. He won the Jack Adams Award as coach of the year in 96-97 and led the Islanders to a surprising playoff birth a couple of years ago.  He’s also done good work on Indian Reservations throughout Canada.

So, why is he a douche? We should ask Dominik Hasek.  You see, Nolan rode the Dominator to victory after victory throughout that 96-97 season, but Hasek hated him. Why? It seems Nolan was riding Hasek’s wife all season as well. Granted this is just a rumor, but it is one that has been around so long, I have decided to accept it as fact. Either way, after the season, Hasek told management it would be best if Nolan didn’t come back. They offered Teddy a below-market contract. He balked, and his reign as Sabres coach was over.

And he didn’t return to the league again for nearly a decade.  Nolan claimed he was being blackballed because he was of Indian heritage. (I don’t know if I should call him Native American or Native Canadian, so I’m going with Indian. Deal with it.) That blackballing apparently didn’t include the Lightning head coaching offer he turned down in 1997 or the Assistant Coaching gig he refused from the Islanders one season later.

Speaking of balling…  Hey, Idiot, rumor has it you banged your best player’s wife. Why the hell would anyone hire you?  And who hates Indians? Is it 1837? Is the NHL being run by old timey cowboys?

So, for pulling the dick move of all dick moves (allegedly) and then crying racism when people react to it, Ted Nolan is officially nominated as a Giant D-Bag.


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