Live Blog: USA v China Basketball

King Ing August 10, 2008 4

Why am I live blogging this, no one knows. The King is really hungover and is supposed to play golf soon so I don’t know how long this live blog will last.

It’s the “Redeem Team” against Yao, Yi, and Zhizhi! I am going to go out on a limb here and say USA crushed China. I just don’t think the Chinese guards can keep up with Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Damn, King Ing is a genius!

Sidenote: Short Asian men really like NBA players.

First Quarter:

– President Bush was in the USA pregame team huddle. Thats it, team is now jinxed. I change my pick and am going with China.

– Yao Ming just ripped a 3 ball. Damn you President Bush.

– Dwight Howard first of many dunks. I can’t focus.

– I definitely need to get me a China jersey. And its gonna be a ZhiZhi Wang!

– Yao just stuffed Kobe and then Lebron pins the ball on a sick block. USA is still losing 11-9.

– Timeout, I am exahusted just watching the game. I couldn’t imagine running up the court right now. Moving from my laptop to the fridge for a Gatorade seems like a daunting task.

– Why is Yi Jianlian in the NBA. He just takes up space.

– Wang is in the game! You know he is waiting to jack up about 10 three pointers.

– Fadeaway by Wang. No wonder he isn’t in the NBA anymore.

– Both President Bush’s are in the crowd! Whatever happened to Michael Dukakis?

– Dwight Howard just abused Yi.Maybe a double team is in order.

– Chen J.H. layed the ball up over the backboard. This is the China I know. My friend Peter Cheng shot the ball over the backboard in Asian 3 on 3 last week. Coincidence, I think not.

– First quarter is over. 20-16 USA. You want analysis, go to You want a hungover Chinese guy, stay right here! Damn I like exclamation points

Second Quarter

– Dwight Howard paved a highway sized lane for Dwayne Wade. And he thanked him with a reverse dunk.

– I wondered if Dan Steinberg is at the game. Of course he is. That lucky piece of crap.

– Lebron with another obscene block. Pass ahead to Wade who almost dunked it from the free throw line.

– Wang just launched a 3. No good

– I noticed there aren’t many timeouts in this game. NBC is losing out on some ad money!

– 6 points in 30 seconds. All on dunks. Kobe Bryant just posterized some poor guy.

– Seriously, why aren’t there more ads. Dick Ebersol is no David Stern. If the commish was in charge we would have timeouts after every 3 minutes.

– China is hitting their outside shots. Keeping them within striking distance.

– Lebron drove past 1 billion people in China and was fouled weakly by Yi Jianlian. Way to play strong

– That was just the sickest alley-oop dunk by Lebron. Guess he wants to be alpha dog on this team. Kobe is going to have to step it up

The Big Lead is live blogging this right now. No one is going to read mine. I might just go play golf

– Carlos Boozer enters the game. Guess Tayshaun Prince is the last man on this team.

– Doug Collins just said that Carmelo Anthony “reconnected” with Michael Phelps? I don’t think those guys hang out in the same circles.

– Halftime. USA up double digits.

– “Limited interuptions” by Coca-Cola. I wonder what that means. Luckily I know someone who works ad sales for NBC. I can find out. And I can also get VIP tickets for NBC’s Summer Concert Series. Too bad I didn’t know that earlier. I could be dating Rihanna right now

– OK. Live blog update. I am going to play golf at 11:45 AM. So I will stop this then and my 2 readers will just have to deal. Thats what SCP is all about. Half assing everything we do! I think we need more pics of hot chicks on this site. Although according to, we are a top 25 sports blog. HOVA!

Third Quarter

I take back what I sad about Yi. He just followed up a miss with a dunk over Carmelo’s back. Too bad he is shooting 1 for 8.

– Wonder what the point spread on this game was. As a degenerate gambler, I should know this.

– The Redeem Team is stepping up defensively. Oh, thats because ” Automatic Miss” Wang ZhiZhi is in the game.

– Yao is hurt. Not a good sign for China, but more Yi Jianlian for us.

– Something just occured to me. Mike Breen is announcing the game. Isn’t he exclusive to ABC? Why isn’t Jeff Van Gundy there. I would rather listen to his comic genius than boring Doug Collins. What is Chris Collings up to?

– This is turning into a blowout.

Forth Quarter

Ma Jian! I used to love that guy. Why I stopped I have no idea. He was big on the Utah Utes.

– Beautiful layup by Deron Williams. Michael Redd with a three.

– President Bush dips out early. Just like I am about to do. The golf course awaits.

– Yao Ming still trying hard. Good for him. Bad for Ron Artest

– I am out. Hope you enjoyed this. I did!


  1. N September 3, 2008 at 5:13 pm -

    That was the best Olympic game ever!

  2. Richard Love March 15, 2009 at 9:20 am -

    I have read a number of your post and I love it, can’t wait to read some more.

  3. Texans tickets April 10, 2009 at 6:49 am -

    Yes, I do agree here. I watched this match and it was really the best game in Olympic 2008.Both team was boost up and can’t want to defeat. I must appreciate your fan following.

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