Live Blog: USA v China Basketball

King Ing August 10, 2008 4

Why am I live blogging this, no one knows. The King is really hungover and is supposed to play golf soon so I don’t know how long this live blog will last.

It’s the “Redeem Team” against Yao, Yi, and Zhizhi! I am going to go out on a limb here and say USA crushed China. I just don’t think the Chinese guards can keep up with Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Damn, King Ing is a genius!

Sidenote: Short Asian men really like NBA players.

First Quarter:

– President Bush was in the USA pregame team huddle. Thats it, team is now jinxed. I change my pick and am going with China.

– Yao Ming just ripped a 3 ball. Damn you President Bush.

– Dwight Howard first of many dunks. I can’t focus.

– I definitely need to get me a China jersey. And its gonna be a ZhiZhi Wang!

– Yao just stuffed Kobe and then Lebron pins the ball on a sick block. USA is still losing 11-9.

– Timeout, I am exahusted just watching the game. I couldn’t imagine running up the court right now. Moving from my laptop to the fridge for a Gatorade seems like a daunting task.

– Why is Yi Jianlian in the NBA. He just takes up space.

– Wang is in the game! You know he is waiting to jack up about 10 three pointers.

– Fadeaway by Wang. No wonder he isn’t in the NBA anymore.

– Both President Bush’s are in the crowd! Whatever happened to Michael Dukakis?

– Dwight Howard just abused Yi.Maybe a double team is in order.

– Chen J.H. layed the ball up over the backboard. This is the China I know. My friend Peter Cheng shot the ball over the backboard in Asian 3 on 3 last week. Coincidence, I think not.

– First quarter is over. 20-16 USA. You want analysis, go to You want a hungover Chinese guy, stay right here! Damn I like exclamation points

Second Quarter

– Dwight Howard paved a highway sized lane for Dwayne Wade. And he thanked him with a reverse dunk.

– I wondered if Dan Steinberg is at the game. Of course he is. That lucky piece of crap.

– Lebron with another obscene block. Pass ahead to Wade who almost dunked it from the free throw line.

– Wang just launched a 3. No good

– I noticed there aren’t many timeouts in this game. NBC is losing out on some ad money!

– 6 points in 30 seconds. All on dunks. Kobe Bryant just posterized some poor guy.

– Seriously, why aren’t there more ads. Dick Ebersol is no David Stern. If the commish was in charge we would have timeouts after every 3 minutes.

– China is hitting their outside shots. Keeping them within striking distance.

– Lebron drove past 1 billion people in China and was fouled weakly by Yi Jianlian. Way to play strong

– That was just the sickest alley-oop dunk by Lebron. Guess he wants to be alpha dog on this team. Kobe is going to have to step it up

– The Big Lead is live blogging this right now. No one is going to read mine. I might just go play golf

– Carlos Boozer enters the game. Guess Tayshaun Prince is the last man on this team.

– Doug Collins just said that Carmelo Anthony “reconnected” with Michael Phelps? I don’t think those guys hang out in the same circles.

– Halftime. USA up double digits.

– “Limited interuptions” by Coca-Cola. I wonder what that means. Luckily I know someone who works ad sales for NBC. I can find out. And I can also get VIP tickets for NBC’s Summer Concert Series. Too bad I didn’t know that earlier. I could be dating Rihanna right now

– OK. Live blog update. I am going to play golf at 11:45 AM. So I will stop this then and my 2 readers will just have to deal. Thats what SCP is all about. Half assing everything we do! I think we need more pics of hot chicks on this site. Although according to, we are a top 25 sports blog. HOVA!

Third Quarter

I take back what I sad about Yi. He just followed up a miss with a dunk over Carmelo’s back. Too bad he is shooting 1 for 8.

– Wonder what the point spread on this game was. As a degenerate gambler, I should know this.

– The Redeem Team is stepping up defensively. Oh, thats because ” Automatic Miss” Wang ZhiZhi is in the game.

– Yao is hurt. Not a good sign for China, but more Yi Jianlian for us.

– Something just occured to me. Mike Breen is announcing the game. Isn’t he exclusive to ABC? Why isn’t Jeff Van Gundy there. I would rather listen to his comic genius than boring Doug Collins. What is Chris Collings up to?

– This is turning into a blowout.

Forth Quarter

Ma Jian! I used to love that guy. Why I stopped I have no idea. He was big on the Utah Utes.

– Beautiful layup by Deron Williams. Michael Redd with a three.

– President Bush dips out early. Just like I am about to do. The golf course awaits.

– Yao Ming still trying hard. Good for him. Bad for Ron Artest

– I am out. Hope you enjoyed this. I did!


  1. N September 3, 2008 at 5:13 pm -

    That was the best Olympic game ever!

  2. Richard Love March 15, 2009 at 9:20 am -

    I have read a number of your post and I love it, can’t wait to read some more.

  3. Texans tickets April 10, 2009 at 6:49 am -

    Yes, I do agree here. I watched this match and it was really the best game in Olympic 2008.Both team was boost up and can’t want to defeat. I must appreciate your fan following.

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