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King Ing August 8, 2008 1

Yao Ming, Wang ZhiZhi, and Yi Jianlian! The Chinese National team is all set in the frontcourt. Too bad we have the equivalent of two middle schoolers playing in the backcourt. Look at that female on the bottom right of the picture. What event is she in?

Someone get “Gay Jay” off Yao’s back!

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  1. MidtownMike4 August 8, 2008 at 4:00 pm -

    I think China has a better shot at gold than the latest version of the so-called USA “Redeem Team.” Of course, our men’s basketball team would have no problem winning gold if the players received multi-million dollar cash bonuses instead of gold medals. If you dangled serious cash in front of these guys, each game would have a 50-60 point margin of victory, without a doubt. Back to reality – Team USA should at least win bronze on the hardwood this year. The 2008 USA olympic basketball squad is not much better than the disgraceful 2004 team. Argentina will be tough to stop. Don’t forget about Italy, Greece and Spain. The Euroleague is catching up with the NBA. That’s a fact. Is The Rooster playing for Italia in Beijing? If Danilo Gallinari, nicknamed “Il Gallo” (“The Rooster”), plays – Italy is a lock for GOLD. I think The Rooster hurt his back in Summer League – so he could be out of commission. That’s OK, goomba!! Save your energy for the Knicks!

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