Vegas thinks Brett Farve is only worth half a game

King Ing August 7, 2008 1

Now with Brett Farve finally a New York Jet, we can really look to see what the experts think. And by experts, I mean Vegas. Back in May the 2008 NFL Over/Under Team Totals came out and had the Jets listed at over 7.5 (-150). Now that Farve will be wearing Gang Green’s #4, the total moved to over 8 (-155). It’s not the full game I expected, but we know Vegas knows numbers better than anyone. So there you go Jets fans. Jump on board now and since you all seem so confident, you should be crushing this bet.

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  1. MidtownMike4 August 8, 2008 at 2:36 pm -

    “Vegas” is absolutely-100%-beyond-the-shadow-of-a-doubt correct. Personally, I think the Jets are good for 6 victories this season. If Favre does not get injured early in the season, the NY media and life in the NY Metro Area will drive Favre (who is a huge redneck, btw) absolutely bonkers — and it will show on the field. Furthermore, the Jets, notwithstanding their O-line upgrades, are still mediocre (at best) at other positions, like WR.

    What are the “Vegas odds” of Favre throwing multiple interceptions (i.e., 2 – 3 interceptions) in every game he plays for the Jets? Quite good – given the ineptitude of Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. Coles and Cotchery are lacking in speed when compared to the lightning quick receivers in Green Bay (i.e., Donald Driver& Co.) who could legitimately run and catch Favre’s heat seeking missiles. Opposing cornerbacks are going to have a field day this season.

    Let’s face it, Montana didn’t retire a 49er, Unitas didn’t retire a Colt — the list goes on and on. The franchise QB gets old – the franchise decides to put their faith in a younger QB and the franchise moves on. Such is life in professional sports. Even my beloved Patrick Ewing did not finish his career in orange and blue. Sometimes you have to pass the torch to the young players and turn the page. [This did not work out well for the Knicks, mind you. But that is another story entirely.] Packers fans should be happy to “turn the page” and bid farewell to the drama queen.

    In summary, the old-timer (Favre) is not going to have a pleasant experience in NY/NJ. Favre is OLDER than Coach Man-genius! He’s too old! Meanwhile, the young stud, Eli Manning, is ready to DEFEND THE LOMBARDI TROPHY.

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