Does Brett Farve make the Jets a lock for the playoffs?

King Ing August 7, 2008 3

With the trade for Brett Farve, the New York Jets have made themselves relevant again. Were they going to go anywhere with the quarterbacks they had? No offense Jet fans, but it was highly likely that with Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens you were headed for another year of mediocrity. Farve’s arm at least gives you that chance to spread the field and not have defenses stack eight in the box to stop Thomas Jones. But is he the savior Jets fans are looking for?

My answer is NO! There are several factors here. The first being the Jets receivers aren’t as good after the catch as the Green Bay Packers WR’s were. Wide receivers Laveranues Coles averaged 2.6 YAC and Jerricho Cotchery averaged a respectable 5.4. Now take the Packers wideouts, who according to the Elias Sports Bureau had 2,061 yards after the catch out of Brett’s 4.155 yards passing on ’07. That is almost half! Something tells me that Coles doesn’t have the breakaway speed of a Donald Driver or Greg Jennings. The more chances Brett has to throw the ball, the more prone he is to throw an INT. He does like to force the ball into tight coverage.

Factor number 2. How well will the Jets protect Brett Farve? They were horrible last year ranking 30th in the NFL in pass protection. I know they signed Damien Woody and multiple time All-Pro Alan Faneca, but how fast will the new line gel into one cohesive unit.

Factor 3. They still play in the stacked AFC. Is making the playoffs out of the question? Of course not, but with the Patriots, Chargers, Colts, Jaguars, and Steelers looking like playoff strongholds; that leaves a couple of teams fighting for the last spot. Upstarts Cleveland and Buffalo will battle the Jets every step of the way.

Factor 4. Schedule. I am predicting a 10-6 record again for the AFC’s sixth seed. And looking at the Jets schedule. I find it tough to find those 10 wins. I could give you two wins against Miami, one each against the Raiders, Chiefs, Rams. But I find it hard to find five more wins against the Patriots (2 games), Bills (2 games), @ Chargers, @ Seahawks, Cardinals, Bengals, @ Titans, Broncos, and @ 49ers.

Welcome to New York Brett!


  1. bshrek August 7, 2008 at 10:54 am -

    they might be able to sneak in, i think they can get 4 to 5 wins against the teams you listed. But regardless, it at least makes the Jets somewhat interesting to watch, which is more than any Jet fan had at 11pm last night.

  2. King Ing August 7, 2008 at 11:05 am -

    Jets won 4 games last year!

  3. Offthewall August 8, 2008 at 1:44 am -

    i agree with bshrek. it will encourage me to watch a jets game on tv, while i’d usually change the channel on pennington.

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