Browning Nagle Or What Might Have Been

Justin August 7, 2008 0

The story has always gone like this. Ron Wolf worked for the Jets back in 1991, and knew his team needed a quarterback. He targeted a player out of Southern Mississippi to be taken with the team’s 2nd round pick, number 34 overall. Unfortunately, the Falcons had designs on the same player, and had the 33rd overall selection. They took Brett Favre. Wolf left for the Packers one year later, and traded for the eventual hall of famer.

The Jets took Browning Nagle out of Louisville. He eventually supplanted Ken O’Brien as the starter, but sucked anyway. According to Wikipedia, Nagle is most famous for throwing screen passes too hard.

So, 17 years later, the Jets have finally righted that wrong. Favre will suit up for Gang Green like he was always supposed to. Meanwhile, Nagle will continue playing in celebrity golf tournaments and raise his family in the relative anonymity he was always destined to enjoy.

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