Napoli fan wins $3,000 for seeing banners badmouthing his city

King Ing August 6, 2008 1

Italian soccer club Inter Milan has to pay $3,000 to a Napoli fan for “existential damage” caused by banners calling Naples the “sewer of Italy” displayed at San Siro last October.

“Ciao cholera sufferers!” read another of the banners seen at the Oct. 6 game which the fan’s lawyer, Raffaele Di Monda, said had made his client feel “indignant and deeply hurt”.

This is insane. I want the Chicago Bears to pay me then. Someone last year at the Bears-New York Giants game told me “to go back to China.” I was deeply hurt by this comment! I will take a Kyle Orton jersey and a foam finger. King Ing is easy that way.

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  1. Offthewall August 6, 2008 at 3:28 pm -

    Was something lost in translation with the “sewer of Italy” quote? I would expect something far worse.

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