Panthers Steve Smith brawls with Ken Lucas

King Ing August 1, 2008 0

This morning at Carolina Panthers practice, wide receiver Steve Smith and cornerback Ken Lucas fought during a sideline altercation.

“The two men were on the sidelines while other members of the team were working through special teams drills when the fight broke out. They exchanged several punches before teammates and coach John Fox charged in to break up the fight. Linebacker Jon Beason had to pull Smith away from Lucas. It took several people to restrain the men and restore order.”

Ken Lucas was then taken under a tent bloodied with a gash under his left eye. Eventually Smith went over to Lucas exhanged a hug and everything seems ok. It is unfortunate something like this happened to Steve Smith, especially after being so good for so long. He seemed to have stayed out of trouble since the Anthony Bright incident of 2002. Hopefully these guys can resolve any leftover misunderstanding and play some good ball this year.

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