Danny Way got Big Air, but crashed Big too

King Ing August 1, 2008 1

I am not much of an X-Games guy, but I have heard of Danny Way before. As a fan of the “Rob and Big” show on MTV I saw the episode where Way appeared. During their bus trip to Vegas for Drama’s birthday they decided to stop by a deserted waterpark and skate it. While everyone else played it semi-conservatively, Danny Way did no such thing. I was scared for his safety just watching the episode.

So as no surprise, he was in an event that was totally unimaginable to me during the X-Games last night. After dropping in and flying over to get to the half pipe, Way went four stories in the air before hitting his shins against the top of the half pipe and crashing down on his back. It looked painful just watching. I would have been out for the rest of my life. Not Danny, he came back, tried a couple more times (crashed again) and finished second. So sick!

-Via AwfulAnnouncing

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