Who’s The Bigggest Douche in Sports?

Justin July 30, 2008 1

And we carry on with our search for the Master of Massengil, the Sultan of Summers Eve, the Pharoah of feminine hygeine products, the Biggest Douche in all of sports. Feel free to add your comments and your nominees below. You can read about our previous selections here and here.

Today, we present two candidates in one, since they’re both guilty of the same crime.

Candidates 3 and 4: Brett Favre and Tiki Barber

Why both at once? First of all, I’m sick of writing about Favre.  I’ve done it twice before. Everyday its something else with this guy. Today, the Packers GM has to leave training camp to fly to the middle of friggin Mississippi to beg Favre not to show up. 

Which brings us to the real crime both Favre and Tiki committed.  They’ve both managed to throw away a decade’s worth of goodwill within three months of retiring.

For Barber, he screwed things up by writing a book, and then going on TV to sell it. It included such chestnuts as “I really didn’t care that much”, “Eli isn’t good enough,” and “the coach is a bad guy.” Since the Giants won the Superbowl, he was clearly right on all counts.

Here’s the best way to wrap up Tiki’s downfall. Two years ago, he was unquestionable the most popular player on the team. He’s the alltime leader in rushing yards, and was a consisten pro-bowler throughout his career.  Ask a national football writer whether or not he’s a hall of famer. They’ll say he’s borderline. Now ask a Giants fan the same question.  You’ll get a definite no.

It’s not quite the same with Favre. He may be driving most of us crazy, but in Green Bay he’s still a hero. That just means the people in Wisconsin are wrong.  No player, no matter how good, should be able to hijack an entire summer’s worth of headlines while badmouthing the people that tried to make his transition into retirement as easy as possible.


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  1. King Ing July 30, 2008 at 1:39 pm -

    Go Barry Sanders!

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