Bill Belichick sex tape?

King Ing July 30, 2008 1

Tom Casale covered the Patriots the last couple of years for Patriots Football Weekly, but now has headed over to (NSFW language). With his time at New Engalnd done, he takes the time out to write about his interactions with players and coaches of the organization. Some interesting facts include Teddy Bruschi being a total a-hole to Randy Moss being the best player he has seen with his own eyes and extremely popular in the locker room. Also Casale states that Belichick is just a miserable human being. But not only a grumpy old man, but supposedly a grumpy old man with a sex tape.

“I heard from someone who is close to the case that there is a sex tape of Bill Belichick banging the married woman he had an affair with. I s**tyou not. The husband who is suing that woman for being unfaithful to him has a tape of his wife and Belichick screwing while the two of them were still married. Belichick is a very powerful man so I imagine he’s doing everything in his power to squash this from getting out but it could only be a matter of time. A part of me doesn’t want to see it but another part of me can’t help but be intrigued.”

Please don’t let this be true. I don’t think I could look at him in the same way. But it is nice to hear that Rodney Harrison is actually the total opposite of what he is on the field.

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  1. GR, Goffstown NH July 31, 2008 at 6:43 pm -

    What a TOOL! Casale, this is the first and last time I read you BS…Nice Your Buddies at PTW would like to wring yor neck! Try not to burn down the brige with your collegeas still on it?

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