Who’s The Biggest Douche In Sports?

Justin July 29, 2008 1

well, we got a lot of good suggestions yesterday. If you would like to add more names, you can comment here or on the original post. All of them will be profiled in our ongoing effort to identify the d-baggiest person in all of sports. But right now, we’re going to present our first candidate profile. These aren’t in any particular order, so don’t think just because this guy is first, it means he’s any worse than the subsequent picks.

Without further ado, I present candidate number 1: Tony LaRussa

Let’s get the big charges out of the way first.

Yes, he was arrested for drunk driving. But, honestly, all he did was fall asleep at a traffic light after having too much wine. Embarrassing? Certainly. But it’s not like he really put many lives at risk.

LaRussa also benefitted as much as anybody from the explosion of steroids in baseball. He sat in his office and turned a blind eye while Canseco, McGwire, and Giambi were juicing in the clubhouse. And he road them to a World Series championship and three AL pennants.

But for me, the thing that makes him a huge douche bag is the fact that he thinks he knows better than everyone else.

It started in Oakland, with LaRussa’s use of relief specialists. Do you like four hour games? Me neither. It’s his fault. But worse than the fact that it turned watching a games into an excrutiating experience, is that it got the idea into LaRussa’s head that he was some sort of genius.

Think back to LaRussa’s last few months in Oakland. He knew his team sucked, and he was on his way out. So what did he do? He started pitching everyone three innings at a time. Starter went three, middle guy went three, closer went three. It’s retarded. But he thought he knew better than the conventional wisdom, so he put his plan in place, and flashed that horrible smirk whenever reporters asked him about it.

It’s only gotten worse in St. Louis. LaRussa bats his pitchers 8th. Why? He says he wants Albert Pujols to bat third, so he gets up in the first inning, but he wants four hitters in front of the slugger for the rest of the game. That sounds like a decent explanation. But LaRussa is lying. He does it cause he thinks he knows better. He tried batting his pitcher 8th before Pujols ever put on a Cardinals uniform. LaRussa came to the National League and decided he was smarter than every other manager from the previous century.


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  1. John July 29, 2008 at 1:35 pm -

    I don’t think you’d get an argument from Scott Rolen either.

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