Rod Benson just introduced me to a new word

King Ing July 24, 2008 0

Rod Benson is a basketball player trying to break into the NBA. He was in the Vegas Summer League playing for the Toronto Raptors. But injury forced him to miss the first couple games. Instead he took time out to hit up Ghostbar in the Palms and learn a new trick to impress the “breezy’s.” That is seriously my new favorite word.

“When we got in, this guy at the bar asked me if I had three quarters with me. I told him that I did. He then took his Corona bottle, laid a dollar bill on the top, and placed the quarters on top of the dollar bill, securing it in place. JGant and I had no idea what this was all about. He then asked a girl nearby to try to remove the dollar from its spot, without moving the bottle or the quarters, all while using only one finger. Clearly we all looked at him like he was crazy. After she failed many times, and I failed many times, he whisked his finger past the bill knocking it out and leaving the quarters in their place. It became evident that this was a master pick-up line and that he was good at what he did. All the women in the vicinity were now trying to knock the dollar off of his bottle.”

Rod Benson, you are now my favorite D-Leaguer. Although I don’t know any other ones and I am easily impressed.

P.S. Look out for my favorite line, “in there like swimwear.”

Video of the trick after the jump…

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