The Socio-economic Impact of the Falling Dollar vis-a-vis The NBA’s Southeast Division

Justin July 23, 2008 1

It was one thing when guys like Bochi Nachbar or Carlos Delfino decide to leave the NBA for Europe.  They were bench players in the US who will become starters and stars for new clubs closer to home. But today’s news that Josh Childress is leaving the Hawks to play in Greece adds a new twist to the phenomenon.

Josh Childress

At least part of the reason he’s leaving is that the dollar has weakened against the Euro, so a contract in Europe ends up being more valuable than one in the U-S.

And his departure undercuts the development of one of the league’s up and coming teams.  Childress was the 6th man on a squad that took the Celtics to 7 games this past season. The Hawks would have been somebody’s sleeper pick to unseat the Magic and take the Southeast Division in 2009.  Now? Who knows. Atlanta is going to miss his ball handling and outside shot.

Plus, he has an awesome afro, and it’s not fair that people in Greece get to enjoy it instead of us.

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  1. King Ing July 23, 2008 at 8:52 pm -

    He must like gyro’s and ouzo!

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