T.O.’s Good People

Justin July 21, 2008 1

Who doesn’t enjoy making fun of Terrell Owens? He’s an egomaniac, he’s a terrible teammate, he’s a certifiable nutcase. He’s also, apparently, a genuinely good guy.

From ESPN’s Sam Alipour:

So, this is what getting hit by a car feels like.

When I came to, I was on the sidewalk, my shoulder hurting like crazy, shards of glass in my forearm and blood dripping from my fingers, while limo drivers and other witnesses screamed this way and that. The paramedics told me I was lucky to be alive (“Last time I saw a windshield like that,” said one, “guy lost both his legs”), and all I could think was, “Damn! I just bought this Banana Republic tie-and-shirt ensemble!”

That, and “Holy crap, that’s T.O.!”

Say what you want, but I doubt some of the NFL’s so-called “good guys” would sit there with a member of the media to make sure he’s ok.

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