Would you like a side of Ronaldinho with that?

Gianluca July 18, 2008 0

Ever since his last Fifa Player of the Year award, the Brazilian with the big gums and amazing tricks has experienced a steady decline in form. He no longer inspired and sadly people stopped talking about him. I do not mean to brag, BUT i was one of the very few who said that he will come back. And now the time has come. The still young 28 year old has just been bought by AC Milan. He seems to be at the end of his down cycle and appears to be set for an upward swing. Milan is simultaneously suffering. They are not even in the Champion’s League!!!


With less games to play and more time for Ronaldinho to hit his stride, both the player and team will go far as they build for the future. Remember that this guy didn’t do what he did because he was lucky. He has all it takes. Now it’s his time again.

The same goes for Milan.

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