The Ultimate Pitchman

Justin July 18, 2008 0

One time in college, my roommate and I were at the grocery store.  We walked down the peanut butter aisle and something caught my eye. 

It was Derek Jeter brand peanut butter. Not a jar of Skippy with the Yankee captain on the label.  It was actually Jeter’s own brand.  All the proceeds went to his turn two foundation. Obviously, I bought it. Later on, Jeter came out with a cereal. I bought that too.  Neither of them tasted particularly good, but how could a Yankee fan living in Boston not make that purchase?

All these years later, I’m back living in Manhattan, but I’m struck by the same conundrum.  While walking on West 26th street last night, I passed a new Gym, “Derek Jeter 24 hour fitness”.  I do not live in that neighborhood and I’m quite pleased with my gym, “The New York Sports Club.” 

So why am I struck by the desire to sign up with Mr. Jeter? What am I hoping will happen? Do I think he’ll see how loyal I am and want to  hang out with me?

Yes. Yes I do.

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