I’ll Say It Again. Just Go Away!

Justin July 15, 2008 0

Let’s say you have a job.  You quit the job. The job brings someone in to replace you.  Then, you decide you want the job back.  “Sorry dude,” the job says,”We appreciate your contributions, but we’ve moved on.”  So, you go on tv and tell some hack reporter with no history in your industry that you feel unwelcome at your own office, but might just show up there anyway, cause “what are they gonna do about it?”.

If that situation played out, you would be a douchebag.  Through the transitive property, that means Brett Favre is a douchebag.

In part two of his interview with Fox News host Greta Van Susteran, the apparently former Packers QB says he’s considering a trip to Green Bay training camp, so he can call the team’s bluff. What bluff? They don’t want you anymore.  That’s not a bluff.  If you were playing poker, and the other guy folds, he’s not bluffing you. He’s just done.  I wish this god-damned story would be done.

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