The Crackle Recommends

Justin July 14, 2008 0

The first installation of this ongoing series was such a sweeping success, I’m back with more! As always, keep in mind the fact that I ripped this off from McSweeneys, and they deserve credit for that.

Jeff Pearlman: You may know him as the guy that turned John Rocker into the official mascot of all hate in the world, but this guy has done a lot since then.  His book about the ’86 Mets is one of the great sports books of the last 20 years, and his biography of Barry Bonds is seen as a more readable alternative to that Game of Shadows monstrosity that came out around the same time.  Now, he’s working on a book about the Dallas Cowboys of the mid-90’s.  You should read it.

The NHL Network: It’s channel 458 on my cable system. I happened upon it by accident early last season. The wrap up show is typical stuff, but the programs about individual playoff series from the 80’s and 90’s are amazing.  And anytime you can see a show called “Top Goaltenders of 96-97” how could you not tune in? It’s very specific.

Re-runs of Bones on TNT:  They show two of them back to back on Tuesday nights. Watch it tomorrow if the All Star Game can’t keep your interest.  It’s a perfect combination of CSI-style science crap and the type of uncomfortable social awkwardness you get on The Office. Seriously. Check it out.


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