I’ll Betcha This Happens…

Justin July 14, 2008 0

Here’s a few predictions for the 2nd half:

Ian Kinsler will win the AL MVP. The 2nd baseman and probable Reggie Jackson favorite (He’s Jewish), will win the batting title, while leading the league in hits, runs and stealing close to 40 bases. But his All-Star teammates, Milton Bradley and Josh Hamilton, will not keep up the pace they’re currently at. Hamilton will drive in 130 runs which is amazing, but considering he’s at 95 right now, it’s not a great second half. Bradley will get hurt.

Ryan Howard will win two thirds of the NL triple crown, while hitting below .240. It’s not really a prediction, because it’s already happening. But it’s worth asking: What’s up with Howard? He shouldn’t be an all or nothing slugger like Rob Deer and Dave Kingman. Especially when he’s protected in that lineup by Pat Burrell. By the way, there’s another Ryan Howard. He’s the assistant manager at a Waffle House somewhere off 195 in Northern Maryland. He’s always been very nice whenever we stop there, and gave me free chocolate milk once.

The Mets will win the NL East going away. I’m talking like a 10 game cushion over the pitching poorPhillies and Marlins. Jose Reyes will make a run at the MVP, and Johan Santana will win the 20-plus games everyone expected from him. Billy Wagner will still be scary, though.

The Rays will finish in third place. They’ll be well above .500, but this amazing dream season will not end with an appearance in the Post Season. Still, Joe Maddon will be Manager of the Year and Evan Longoria will be Rookie of the Year, while getting some MVP buzz.

Francisco Rodriguez will set the all-time single season saves record. Someone will interview Bobby Thigpen. No one will care.

The Yankees may not make the playoffs, but their former manager will continue his postseason streak. Joe Torre’s Dodgers will win the NL West. Torre will also continue his losing in the first round streak, by getting swept in 3 game.

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