DeAnna Pappas throws out first pitch at Dodgers game

King Ing July 11, 2008 0

I don’t know how I became so enamored with The Bachelorette this season, but somehow it consumed me until no end. It could be the fact that DeAnna Pappas is a southern girl with southern values or it could be that she is as cute as a button. Either way, the two guys I wanted to win were the finalists and then they both made me dislike them for some reason. It was the way Jason begged after he didn’t get chosen and Jesse doing that stupid knuckle, then blow it up hand thing. I should have tried out for the show, although I probably would have been eliminated at first sight. Anyway, here is DeAnna throwing out the first pitch at last nights Los Angeles Dodgers game.

-Kudos Big Legue Stew

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