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Justin July 8, 2008 2

You like that? The Crackle. I’ve decided its our jaunty new nickname. If you have any better ideas, leave them in the comments section.

Anyway, today I begin a new feature on the site. It’s an idea I’m completely ripping off from the much higher-minded literary site, McSweeneys. It’s called The Crackle Recommends, and is just a hodgepodge of things I like, that you may want to check out as well.  Obviously, it will be dominated by sports related items, though I won’t limit myself.

Doug Glanville in the New York Times

The former Phillie and Cub outfielder has been writing some pieces about baseball for the Sunday Times Op-Ed page.  Glanville played college ball at Penn, and his Ivy League credentials shine through, as he takes a slightly skewed view at life as a big leaguer

SNY game broadcasts

There is no better play by play voice in the world than Gary Cohen.  He knows the game and he grew up loving the Mets.  But instead of coming off like a homer, Cohen reflects his fandom by being a protector of the way the game should be played.  Combine that with the scientific approach to the game provided by Yale Grad and former Met Ron Darling and the crotchety old man act that Keith Hernandez has perfected and you have the perfect three man booth. Plus, the network has done some really revolutionary stuff, like taking calls during games, and broadcasting one contest from the cheap seats at Shea.  How good are they?  I’m a Yankee fan, and I always watch the Mets broadcasts of subway series games.

Michael Ian Black’s blog

He’s more than just the funny guy from VH1.  He’s also a possibly award winning author, whose book of essays hit shelves this month. The blog includes random writings on topics all over the map.  Especially good is the ongoing (and imaginary) fight between Black and famed memoirist David Sedaris. One of Black’s tactics, calling Sedaris “Spedaris”, because it seems insulting.


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    How about ‘The Cracka Recommends’

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    How about “#21”

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