Happy 4th of July

California Correspondent July 4, 2008 0

American FlagHappy Birthday America!

Follow our flawless schedule for a patriotic and awesome 4th of July:

9am PT (12 ET) – Kobayashi tries to regain the hot dog eating crown at Coney Island.

10:30am – The Jaws marathon begins on AMC (yes, all 4 of them in a row). I hope this doesn’t scare you from swimming at the beach this summer.

1pm – Barbecue perhaps?

4pm – Break out the bocce balls

8pm PT – US Olympic Swimming Trials: Michael Phelps flexes his guns and intimidates swimmers around the world.

9pm – Go light some fireworks (but don’t start any more forest fires in California).

10pm – Watch out, the cops will be on the prowl to bust you for drinking and driving. Take the back roads home.

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