Hey Brett… GO AWAY!

Justin July 3, 2008 1

So, “There’s Something About Mary Star” Brett Favre is thinking about making a comeback.  Guess who’s excited.  Brett Favre.  and ESPN.  And nobody else.

It’s not that he can’t play anymore. Favre proved last season that he’s still capable of outperforming nearly any QB in the league.  It’s just that everyone is sick of this story already.  It’s like steroids or Terrell Owens or horse racing.  The media decides it’s the most important news of the day and covers it to death. Meanwhile, sports fans don’t care. Come on Sportscenter, I just want to see some damn WNBA highlights! I mean baseball. Seriously, I meant baseball. 

Plus, I’m tired of seeing him cry all the time.  After the 2006 season, he cried as he walked off the field, seemingly signaling the end of his career.  Then he came back. Next came the press conference at the end of last season. Again.. tears.  At some point the ironman quarterback who plays through injuries in the coldest city in America is just going to become that whiny pussy you can’t control his emotions.  Maybe he’s going to keep playing, just to push off his hall of fame induction speech. If Favre ever stays retired long enough to get into Canton, that podium is going to end up underwater.

So, in conclusion, ENOUGH ALREADY. Jeez.

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  1. bshrek July 3, 2008 at 12:59 pm -

    it would suck if he came back, because then the best trivia question about him would be ruined:

    who caught the last pass that Farve threw in his career?


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