Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Goodbye Everybody

Justin July 2, 2008 0

A seismic shift may have just occurred in sports.

If the reports are true, and Mike and the Maddog have done their last show together, the sports landscape in New York will be forever changed. And not for the better.

The WFAN hosts are the most important figures in Big Apple sports over the last 20 years. Yes, more important than Jeter or Torre or Tiki or Messier or Ewing.

Why? Because Mike and Chris set the tone for the entire sports agenda in this city.  A big game isn’t officially big until 1:05 the next afternoon, when its gets the Mike and the Maddog treatment.

Every trade, signing, and draft pick is judged through the MMD prism. Are you a Mets fan?  Did you enjoy having the greatest offensive catcher in history behind the plate for the better part of a decade?  Well, Mike and the Maddog were responsible for convincing Fred Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday to make the Mike Piazza trade.

They’ve also managed to keep the most important sports talk station in the nation from sinking into the depths of “guy radio.”  Mike and the Maddog is 6 hours a day of actual sports talk. Not a mix of sports and boobs, which is how most other sports stations operate. And it sucks. Guess what sportstalk hosts from other stations. You’re not funny. And I don’t care which movie star you think is hot. Tell me what you think of Baron Davis signing with the Clippers or shut up.

Love them or hate them (or both.. which is where I usually end up) New York needs Francesca and Russo. And without them, there will be a void that can not be filled.


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